About Me

Hi, I'm Sue.  I specialise in Equine and Pet Photography.

I will work with you to find and capture that special connection that you have with your animals, and which becomes beautiful portraiture.

I live in Berkshire with my Husband, two Cocker Spaniels, a Yorkshire Terrier.  

I started riding at 3 years of age, and have been around Horses and Dogs for over 40 years.

I owned ponies from being a child through to becoming a mother, and now I have a share in a beautiful chestnut "Milo" so I feel more than comfortable around both Horses and Dogs. 

I live in a rural part of Berkshire where I have access to a local livery yard which holds lots of willing models and owners who, since 2015, have inspired my photography.

I turned professional as a photographer in 2019, and since then I have taken countless amounts of photographs for friends of their Horses, Dogs and other pets either with, or without, their owners.

This has allowed me the time to study Horses, Dogs and other pets to enable me to create beautiful photographs of your animal companions, which you can treasure forever.

My work has also been featured in magazines.

I have attended numerous courses in Equine and Dog Photography to enhance my skills and knowledge.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer early in 2022 so I haven't been working that much due to treatment and surgery but I'm now coming back to doing some light work not my usual schedule at the moment but if I can fit you in the days I work I will be more than happy to !

If you would like a photoshoot with your Horse or Dog, or you are interested in purchasing an art picture, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

I also have gift vouchers if you would like to buy a relative or friend that special gift of a photoshoot.

Please have a browse of my website and also my work. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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